Curtis Jones & Primal Roots

Primal Roots is  Curtis' take on a combo of Bluegrass and Old Time music played in the most musically technical way possible.  Curtis says " I have always loved Mountain Music, Bluegrass and Roots Music from many different Countries. I love the Primal sounds and influences that come in these styles of music. So that's where I got the name because my music always is Primal and its always Roots Music".

Curtis Jones & Insonnia

The Insonnia Band formed in the early part of 2010 when Curtis Jones was contacted about hosting a Jazz Jam in North Ga. The first call Curtis put in was to long time friends Pianist Pete Orenstein and Bassist Steve Mays, who both were members of other bands Curtis had worked with in the past. After many days and many calls in to find a drummer a friend of Curtis' gave him the number of drummer Mark Letalien and the gig was set with a group that had never played as a unit before. Upon striking the first notes together everyone was amazed at the chemistry and energy the four musicians shared that night. The day after a decision to be a formal band was reached and the name ‘Insonnia’ was chosen. Curtis is Italian, and ‘insonnia’ is the Italian word for ‘staying up all night’ – which is what happened every time they practiced together! The band began doing jazz standards from Miles, Monk and all the greats, but with each practice more original music was added, and now performs mostly original compositions written within the group's members. The most unique thing about this group is it's ability to play any style of music and still maintain the ‘Insonnia’ sound: a major influence of Jazz and Spanish Flamenco; vocal selections that float around a James Taylor ‘sound thread’; and melodies and rhythms from all over the world!

Curtis Jones Solo~ Flamenco Jazz

Curtis Jones with, a loop station offers a very entertaining Solo Show as well! Check out this Smokin' Rendition of " Sweet Georgia Brown"! 

Curtis Jones & Matt Mundy Duo

 Curtis Jones has traveled the world for the past 25 years performing his original music, and amazing crowds with his phenomenal guitar playing. Curtis is a very influential guitarist in the world of Bluegrass and New Acoustic music, and has toured and or recorded with some of the biggest names and best artists in the genre.  Many consider Matt Mundy one of the great mandolin players of our time. After taking a break for the past decade, Matt is back, and if you want to catch on of the most unique mandolin (and musicians) of our time, don't miss the opportunity to see him. He is better known for his electric mandolin which gave the legendary Aquarium Rescue Unit much of its distinctive sound. Mundy worked with ARU leader Col. Bruce Hampton as far back as 1984, and appeared on the first two ARU albums, contributing lead vocals to a few songs as well. He also recorded with Béla Fleck, Jupiter Coyote, the Count M’butu Orchestra, Widespread Panic and Kevin Williamson & Shadow Ridge. He appeared on the Phish stage in '93, and joined the band for “You Enjoy Myself.” Jimmy Herring of widespread panic has praised Matt and considers him one of the best musicians around. 

Put these two together as a Duo on Guitar & Mandolin and you've got one heck of a SHOW!!

Echoes Of Imagination