Below are a few Quotes about Curtis' Music from Musicians, Colleagues, Venue Owners, and Industry Leaders From All Over

" Curtis Jones rips and shreds the guitar and then can turn around and play in the most beautiful way. A musician's musician and great entertainer. And a humble man. " - Drummer Jeff Sipe 

" Curtis Jones is the most original guitarist since Django Reinhardt and the most technical since Al DiMeola.  In short, Curtis Jones is one of the best guitar players on the planet. " - John- Live365.com

"Curtis Jones is by far one of the most versatile and fluid guitar players in the game. From down home blazing bluegrass to sophisticated gypsy jazz to rock and roll, Curtis Jones pulls you in with his melodic playing, rhythmic pocket, speed & accuracy. A truly great guitarist who equally entertains the average listener and the avid music aficionado." -  Guitarist Jason "JJBoogie" Reichert

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend, praise, and stand in complete awe of Curtis Jones! He is the epitome of a learned musician and performer. 

I had the absolute delight to stumble upon Curtis at a gig at Cafe 290 a  few years ago. When I heard what this guy could do, not just to a guitar, but a mandolin, banjo, and any other stringed instrument he laid his hands on, I WAS SPEECHLESS! I've not revered such a mutant of his stature since Roy Clark (who could do the same) on Hee Haw. Curtis will, without a shadow of a doubt, blow your mind as he has mine. He has since dazzled audiences of all musical genres because, I feel, as a spectator, his gift of entertaining is exemplary. However, as musicians sit to listen and watch his fingers do what most of us wish ours could do, it brings a grin to us as a whole because we understand and respect the level Curtis is on and are inspired to put in more practice. He is truly music royally in my eyes and the MINUTE I can afford to get my project up and running,  my prayer is that Curtis will be a feature on my album so that the jazz and r & b world will know and love him the way I do."                                                                                        - Jazz & R & B Vocalist Robin Herbert-Latimore

" Curtis Jones is the best bluegrass guitar player around. He always raises the bar with any band he plays in." - Steven Grossman- Steve's Live Music

" Curtis Jones is the best best best best best best best best best guitar player you will ever see in the Bluegrass world!! He is like the Earl Scruggs of guitar playing!!! I enjoy having Curtis Jones on my radio show at WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta Ga every once in a while!! His cds are out of this world too!!"                      - JR Langwell WRFG  89.3 FM

“Curtis Jones is a refreshing blend of unparalleled talent and genuine humanity. His love for music is evident and needs no showy production for it to radiate through. It has been nothing but a pleasure to both watch him work, and work with him. It’s uplifting to know that musicians like him, whose reward is the music itself, still exist.” - Elizabeth Grimes - Musician & Owner/Founder of More Than A Song LLC

" You have your own path & I can't think of an artist who could follow it" - Walter Stark- Musician