Curtis Jones is the most original guitarist since Django Reinhardt, and the most technical since Al DI Meola. In short Curtis is one of the best guitarist on the planet"

-John at Live 365.       

Curtis Jones reins as one of the most highly-respected flatpicking guitarist on the planet. Expanding on a legacy forged by musicians such as David Gilmour, Pat Metheny, Paco De Lucia, Doc Watson and Tony Rice,  Jones is often called by fans and critics alike, “The World’s Fastest and  Cleanest” acoustic guitarist. This is an extraordinary technique that he both teaches and brings to his contemporary guitar performances and productions.  However, speed is only a small part of what Curtis can do.  Through his pure guitar mastery, he has the ability to weave in and out of Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, Flamenco, and World Music styles in a way that is more original than anything that has been heard since Django Reinhardt, while taking the listener to a world of complete beauty, passion, grace and fire.